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2020/2021 P7 – S1 Transition

Transitions update


Welcome – thank you for visiting the P7 Transitions section of our website. We are delighted that you are planning to come to Smithycroft Secondary School and we hope that this is as exciting a next step for families and P7’s as it is for us all at Smithycroft. As you can imagine, it has been difficult to plan our transitions programme this year but we understand that families and young people are keen to hear about the next steps and I am pleased to be able to update you on our transitions events to date and our plans moving forward.


Transitions planning so far:


  • Stephen Brown (Deputy Head Teacher) visited all our associated primary P7 classes in December following strict COVID-19 protocols and answered lots of excellent pupil questions.
  • Our online transition meetings with Headteacher’s and P7 Teachers of associated primary schools began in January and is now almost complete – this process helps us identify needs of all pupils but is especially helpful in identifying those young people who benefit from an enhanced transition
  • Sarah Stobie (Principal Teacher Learning Support) has started the process of contacting those pupils identified as requiring and enhanced transition
  • Next week sees the start of our virtual check in’s with our associated P7 classes
  • P7 pupils will be asked to complete a series of tasks over the coming months to prepare for visiting the school and begin to learn more about Smithycroft Secondary


Next steps


  • We shall very soon be launching our new transition booklet, virtual tour and transition videos on our website for all prospective pupils
  • Work will begin in the next fortnight contacting all non-associated primaries who may have pupils attending Smithycroft to begin the transition process
  • We are very hopeful that we will be able to have some form of school visit from Primary pupils in the months of May and June although this will be dependent on guidance from the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council.


I hope that this helps reassure you that the transition programme remains a very important part of our school calendar and we want do everything we can to support families and young people to have the best possible start to their time at Smithycroft. If you have any questions regarding enrolling at Smithycroft please contact the school office on 0141 582 0220