Smithycroft Secondary School

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Enrolment Procedures

Information about enrolment is normally channelled through our associated primary schools, but we welcome enquiries from parents of children attending other schools and we are happy to meet with them, by arrangement, at the school.

All P7 pupils who are to join us for the new session come to the school for a series of visits so that they can sample the subjects which they will be taking and become familiar with the school and some of the staff.

Parents and pupils are invited to an Open Evening in November and an Open Day in June, where they can have the opportunity to meet senior staff, pastoral care teachers and staff involved in support for learning. This is an opportunity to discuss matters of particular concern before the start of the pupils’ first year at Smithycroft.

Parents who live outwith our catchment area may request a place by applying directly to the school.

Application forms are available from the school office.

Parents who wish to enrol a child who is or has been attending another secondary school should contact the school office directly to arrange an appointment to see the head teacher or another member of the senior staff.


Download our school transition bookelt by clicking here