Smithycroft Secondary School

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Code of Conduct



By the time you get to secondary school you already know what is acceptable in terms of behaviour and what is not. What it boils down to is good manners and respect for others and yourself.
No one who behaves sensibly and speaks and acts with courtesy is likely to get into trouble, but the following points should be remembered by everybody.



It is essential to attend school regularly. Prospective employers always ask about attendance and punctuality before anything else. If you are absent you must bring a note from your parents, explaining your absence, when you return.
If you have an official appointment during school hours - for example with your doctor - you must bring in a note or your appointment card at least one day before you need permission to be out of school.

You must arrive in school in good time. If you enter school after ten to nine you are late and the register will be marked accordingly. You may also be issued with a punishment exercise.



You are expected to wear full school uniform at all times.  This comprises of white shirt, senior or junior tie, senior or junior blazer, black trousers or a black skirt (of a suitable length) and plain black shoes.  Branded knitwear is available, but pupils are permitted to wear plain black cardigans, tank tops and jumpers if they would prefer. 

Certain items of clothing are not acceptable for wearing to school.  These include:

* Denims (in any colour)

* Clothes which identify the wearer with outside groups or organisations, like football teams or pop groups.

* Items of clothing likely to offend others.

* Track suits

* Baseball caps

Ear studs and other jewellery must be removed for PE, home economics and technical. Loose items of clothing may have to be removed / secured in science, technical, PE and home economics.  Remember that expensive items of Jewellery may present a problem for you in terms of taking care of them. The school and the education authority do not accept responsibility for items which are lost or stolen.


No pupil is allowed to disrupt the work of others.

In classes reasonable and lawful instructions by teachers are obeyed without question. If you feel you have not been treated fairly, it is appropriate to raise the matter at the end of the period with the member of staff concerned or your pastoral care teacher or a member of the senior management of the school.

If you are rude or aggressive in this sort of situation, all you do is make matters worse. You also make it less likely that it will be sorted out to your satisfaction.

Arrive at class on time and line-up or enter quietly. Once in, go to your usual seat, remove outdoor clothes and get ready to work. At the end of the lesson make sure you have a note of any homework. Do not leave the class until you are told to do so.

Pupils should go quietly by the most direct route between classes. Note that the stairs on the north side of both the classroom and practical block are for going up only.

Those on the south side are for going down. Pupils should enter and leave the school by the doors on the south side of the building.

If you feel unwell or wish to go to the lavatory you must obtain a permission slip to be out of class from a teacher.


A tuck shop runs in the servery area during the morning interval and at lunchtime. Food and drink may only be consumed in the street area. Pupils should not leave school premises during the morning intervals. The school janitors assist in the supervision of pupils and their instructions regarding safety and behaviour should be obeyed.


Take care of the fabric and fittings of the school. In particular you should respect the work of other pupils which is on display in many areas of the school.

It is there for everyone to see and enjoy.

Smoking is forbidden in the school buildings or in the grounds of the school. It is also not allowed in the street in the vicinity of the school.