Smithycroft Secondary School

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Religious Education/Observance


The school aims to provide religious education in accordance with the guidelines produced by the local authority. Over the course of the pupils’ school life religious education should encourage pupils to:

•  recognise religion as an important expression of human experience
•  reflect on and respond to the values, beliefs and practices of religious traditions within our community and beyond
•  be aware of the practical consequences of religious commitment
•  evaluate, and come to their own understanding, of the meaning, value and purpose of life

All classes follow a programme of religious and moral education which has the above as its aims.

Religious observance most usually takes the form of prayers and readings at assemblies. It is hoped to
afford pupils opportunities;

•  to engage in a shared activity in which they can reflect on and express their own spiritual feelings
•  to celebrate together important occasions in their lives and in the lives of the school and its community
•  to give expression to the shared beliefs and common humanity of people everywhere.

The school is well served by a chaplaincy team consisting of ministers from the neighbouring churches and workers associated with the churches.

As well as involvement in the arrangements explained above the team make a significant contribution to the school’s personal and social education programme.

Parents have the right to withdraw their children from religious education periods and/or religious observance. Any parent who wishes to exercise this right should inform the head teacher in writing so that appropriate school work can be arranged as an alternative.

Parents from ethnic minority religious communities may request that their children be permitted to be absent from school to celebrate recognised religious events. These requests must be in writing and will not be granted on any more than three occasions in any one school session. The child will be recorded as an authorised absentee in the school register.