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S3 information evening for parents

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Covid Current arrangements

  • A person who tests positive – regardless of variant – must isolate for 10 days.


  • All household contacts of a person who tests positive – regardless of variant – must isolate for 10 days. A household contact must get a PCR. It does not matter if a household contact is vaccinated, or if they test negative, they are still to isolate for 10 days.


  • Non-household contacts do NOT need to isolate if they are fully vaccinated; if they are asymptomatic; if they have a negative PCR (this clearly applies to workplace colleagues).


  • If a pupil tests positive there is no need for their class / friends to isolate; they are “low-risk” contacts and the school is only required to send a letter home for all pupils in that class or year group so that parents are aware and can take appropriate measures.

January 2022 Prelim timetable


If you need any support over the summer, contact the relevant person below:


Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher – Patrick Oberg

Head of S1 – Stephen Brown

Head of S2/3 – Marie Kerr 

Head of S4/5/6 –Matt Hodgman


Principal Teacher of Support for Learning

Sarah Stobie


Family Support



MCR Pathways

Chelsea Milliken


Principal Teachers of Pastoral Care

Jill Asher

Dionne Bilbao

Laura Gray

Patricia Hughes

Craig Murphy


Home-School Support

Russell Jakeway


DYW Support

Helen McBride

Mark McCluskey




P7 Transition - Meet the staff