Smithycroft Secondary School

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End of Term Head Teachers Message 2023/2024



If you need any support during the year, contact the relevant person below:


Senior Leadership Team 2024/2025

Headteacher – Patrick Oberg

Head of S1 - Matt Hodgman

Head of S2 – Stephen Brown

Head of S3  - Adrian Hood

Head of S4 and S5  - Rebeca Long

Head of S6 – Janice Baxter and Lois Matheson



Principal Teacher of Support for Learning

Sarah Stobie


Family Support



Principal Teachers of Pastoral Care

James Callaghan – S1 and S6

Dionne Bilbao – S2

Patricia Hughes and Kirsty McNeil – S3

Jill Asher – S4

Harry Prescott – S4

Craig Murphy – S5