Smithycroft Secondary School

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Student Council

The Smithycroft Student Council



The council is a forum for discussion of general  issues relating to the running of the


  •       Standard / upgrading of accommodation and facilities for pupils.


  •       Issues relating to getting to and from school


  •       Extra curricular facilities / activities.


  •       Advice on content of aspects of the school’s PSE programme.


  •       Curricular developments.


  •       Behaviour of pupils in the school and its vicinity.


  •       Advising head teacher on the above matters.


In addition, the council is to be a source of support to staff in running social activities such as discos, etc. The members can also be called on to represent the pupils of the school at meetings, conferences and so on. One of the S5/6 members is co-opted on to the School Parent Council and has the duty of reporting back to the council on issues he / she raised with the Parent Council on its behalf.


*    Matters concerning individual pupils / members of staff would be
raised, as they are now, with pastoral care or members of the SMT.


Elections and Office Bearers

Each registration class elects a representative to the Council.  The Council has a
membership of about thirty. Three office-bearers are elected by the council :


Ø      A Chair person

Ø      A Vice-Chair Person

Ø      A Secretary

In addition there are pupils elected to a Fundraising Committee and a Public Relations


Staff Involvement

Three members of staff serve on the council acting as a support in terms of providing
advice, information and communication with the wider body of staff.  They also guide and
support the office-bearers in the performance of their duties.  



Items for the agenda are discussed with staff members before being included.

Minutes of meetings are copied to all registration rooms.



The council meets approx. once a month.  Additional meetings can, however, be

called as required.