Smithycroft Secondary School

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 Garden Club:


Wednesday 3pm after school

Where you will learn to grow and tend plants and use the food grown to cook.

Sometimes we barbecue in the garden and try out our home-made chutney.

All year groups welcome.

Mrs Fulton , Mrs Gordon and Mr A’Hara all help at gardening club.


Chess Club


If you would like to learn to play chess or, if you would like to play chess better, then come along to the Smithycroft Chess Club.  You will have the chance to play friendly games with other pupils and if you would like to enter chess competitions there is lots of information about different chess tournaments all over Scotland.

The Chess Club is held every Thursday lunchtime in Mrs McCusker's Science room.  Everyone is welcome.




Lunchtime drop-in study club

The library is open on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes for pupils who want to borrow books or complete some classwork on the computer.

Thursday 1.45-2.10pm

Friday 12.55-1.20pm

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