Smithycroft Secondary School

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Supported Study timetable 2020/2021
  Dance N5 PE dept     Wednesday Drama H Miss Livingstone  
  English H Ms Bartlett       English H Mr Gardner  
  English N5 Mr Hoggan       Graphics H Mr Sweeney  
  Graphics N5 Mr Rollings       HFT H Mrs Matheson  
  RMPS H/N5 Mr Beggan       Maths H Mr Gardiner  
              Maths N5 Miss Carson  
              PE / Dance N5 PE dept  
            2 weekly Spanish H/N5 Mrs Elsweiler  
              Woodwork N5 Mr Coughlan  
  Art H/N5 Mrs Bland     Thursday Chemisty N5 Mrs McCusker  
  Biology N5 Miss Deachon       Physics N5 Miss Curtis  
  Drama N5 Miss Livingstone              
  English N5 Ms McKinlay              
  French Miss Long              
  French N5 Miss Fabas              
  Human Biology H Miss Deachon              
  Music All Mrs Milton              
  PE H PE dept              

This year we are offering drop-in sessions for some subjects:



  Admin & IT H/N5 Admin dept lunchtime / after school - every day  
  Business H/N5 Admin dept lunchtime / after school - every day  
  Chemistry H Miss McQuilken lunchtime / before school by arrangement with Miss McQuilken  
  English N5 Mr Best Lunchtime - Wednesday  
  Geography H/N5 Mr Gess lunchtime - every day  
  HFT H Mrs Matheson lunchtime - Monday  
  History H Mr Reardon lunchtime - Thursday or Friday   
  Physics H Mr Cairns lunchtime by arrangement with Mr Cairns  
Some subjects will be concentrating on specific topics:                    
Dance H/N5 Critical work and exam prep.
English N5 Revision on Exam component in prep for Sec 1 'Evaluation of own work/personal performance.
Graphics N5 Paper 1 - RUAE and Paper 2 - Set Text (MacCuaig).
Maths H/N5 Drawing board work, Autodesk Inventor, Desktop Publishing, Manual rendering & Sketching.
PE / Dance N5 Algebraic Fractions, Surds, Indices, Factorising and Circle Geometry.
PE   H Support on how to structure exam questions in prep for 'End Factor Test'.
RMPS N5 Revision on Portfolio Questions and mop-up sessions.
  H/N5 Skills development (analysis and evaluation); revision skills, Buddhism, Medical Ethics and the Existence of God.