Smithycroft Secondary School

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World of Work

Smithycroft is unique among schools in Glasgow in having a principal teacher in post whose sole responsibility is the preparation of pupils for the World of Work.

A major part of this remit is the organisation of work experience placements for pupils in S4 and S5/6. The allocation of placements is on “job shop” basis to ensure that, if it is possible, pupils are able to go to a work place which reflects their interests and likely future ambitions. However, the purpose of work experience is to give pupils a sense of what it is like to go into a situation where they meet new people, have to cope with a range of tasks and, importantly. organise themselves so that they get to where they should be in good time.

Pupils go on placement in S4 at the beginning of October. Pupils in S5/6 have additional opportunities to go on placements to both work places and colleges.

Pupils in S2 and S3 are involved in awareness raising activities to develop their understanding of and ability in key areas such as problem-solving and team-building.

A major area in the development planning of the school is the preparation of pupils for their working lives through offering them appropriate experiences. This involves identifying areas of the curriculum in all subject areas which are of relevance.

Emphasis is also given to raising the awareness of issues relating to World of Work and the opportunities and rewards which are open to them.